What Is BrandWallet?

  • BrandWallet is the new marketing platform that enables you to engage with your consumers in real time and based on their location through the creation and management of contents for mobile wallets, such as Apple and Android Wallets...

  • Through BrandWallet platform you can create mobile cards, coupons, gift cards, promotions, membership cards, boarding passes and much more acording to your business.

  • In other words, BrandWallet your digital marketing partner helps your business; to increase your customer loyalty.

  • If you are a BrandWallet member, you don’t need physical cards for your brand’s loyalty any more. With your “BrandWallet Digital Card”, you can easily be in your customer’s Mobile Wallet.

  • BrandWallet is your digital partner to build your marketing promotions within minutes by yourself.

  • Be a BrandWallet member to communicate with your consumer via location or time based push notifications- a new communication channel on the lock screen of your consumer’s cell phone.

  • BrandWallet enables you to have detailed consumer reports and campaign analysis though our web services.What is more, consumer data is yours…Your data, your consumer...

  • If you need guidance at your loyalty programme and campaigns, BrandWallet loyalty experts with 20 more years experience, are ready to help.



Brand Pass

Transfer your existing loyalty system to 100% digital platform and communicate with your consumers.


  • Design and create your own pass.
  • Distribute coupons.
  • Issue digital tickets for your events.
  • Communicate via push notifications, sms and email.
  • Analyze your campaign reports with sector references.
  • Easy to entegrate to your crm system with a well developed api.

Loyalty Pass

Fully entegrated digital loyalty system, created for your business needs.


  • Our consumer loyalty experts marketing guidence with 20 more years experience.
  • Abilty to segment your consumers via different digital loyalty cards.
  • Build your own crm, your enrollment forms and collect consumer data.
  • Communicate via push notifications, sms and email.
  • Analyze your campaign reports with sector references.

How It Works

Brand’s Experience
Consumer’s Experience
  • 1
    Contact Us! We will call you back and decide your pass type.
  • 2
    Design your pass through our web service.
  • 3
    Make your campaign offer.
  • 4
    Communicate your offer via push notifications.
  • 5
    Analyze your campaign reports with sector references.
  • 1
    Open your phone’s camera and scan the QR Code.
  • 2
    Download the pass in your wallet.
  • 3
    Get noticed from your special offers on your phone’s lock screen.
  • 4
    When you are ready to enjoy your offer, open your pass in your wallet.
  • 5
    Show your QR code on your pass to the in charge.


Just click on the posters below, scan the QR code or click the link with your mobile phone.


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